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Frequently asked questions
Bonee is a digital QR menu/catalog service that allows you to provide a digital product list to your clients. Clients can see your products with photos, descriptions and prices, and make orders directly on their mobile phones.
Bonee is a digital solution for restaurants, hotels, bars, cafes, clubs, online shops and more. Any business who wants to have a digital catalog or online shop can use Bonee.
Bonee can be used worldwide.
Sure, click here for the free trial.
You can check our prices here. If none of those plans suit you, send us an email to info@bonee.net, and the sales team will contact you for a custom plan.
Prices depend on tax policy in your country. To get an exact offer for your business, email us at info@bonee.net, and our sales team will reach out to you.
The free trial is available for 1 month.
Of course, each plan can be adjusted.
Bonee can be integrated with any system. The terms of integration are a subject of discussion. Send your integration request to info@bonee.net.
Yes, we have various partnership plans. Send us an email at info@bonee.net and the relevant department will contact you.
Yes, we will do a free set up for you in case of at least 3 months subscription.

Yes, we can connect your custom domain to your Bonee account. For example, instead of 256hub.com your account can be 256hub.com.

The fee is $100/year. You just have to provide us with your domain and we will give you name servers to set up.

- You will get notification inside the Bonee admin dashboard

- We have a notification application for mobile

- We can provide a printing function and orders can be printed

Yes, of course. Braintree, Worldpay and Stripe payment systems are available for online payments. For more details, feel free to contact us.
If you want to start earning with us, our partnership programs are for you. We have various beneficial options for you.
If you want to start earning with us, our partnership programs with various beneficial options are for you. In case of other inquiries contact us via partnerships@bonee.net
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